July 11, 2014

Birthday gift ideas for a six year old

                                            time has flown

Birthdays and presents just go together.  They need not be extravagant, or provided in bulk, but on the day of the year when each hour is all about YOU, presents should totally be involved.  At least, that's how we do it in my household and to date, no one has complained about it.

This year I felt a little out of sorts with Bear's gifts, but thankfully in the 11th hour everything pulled together.  Nothing too wild or out there, but a few token gifts picked out with love and greatly enjoyed by Bear.  In fact, he seems so smitten with this year's treasures that I'm going to share them here- just in case there is another frazzled birthday shopper out there who is desperate for some quick, yet winner winner chicken dinner ideas!  

~ our lake is looking like a marina these days, so it was high tide- I mean "time"- to get Bear a toy version of the sailboat he so loves to cruise our waters with. 
~ playing pretend and dressing up are still favorites here.  Bear is working toward knighthood, so he got a shield for his birthday to help with his journey.
~ his interest in knights stems from the many fairy tales we've been reading.  These castle/fairy themed shadow puppets are gorgeous and handy for bringing those tales to life.
~ Each day brings new questions of how? why? where? and The (New) Way Things Work" by David Macaulay is my favorite resource for finding the answers-both with it's text and impressive illustrations. 
~ How do knights go to bed?  Night Knight by Owen Davey answers that question in an imaginative way.  The birthday boy has been tucked in to bed with it all week long
~ and then there are always Legos.  Bear picked out his own set for this year's birthday.

This weekend Bear tops off his birthday season with one final party.  Seriously, to be six again!  

Happy Friday!  Remember to fight brave and fair this weekend.



Cheri @ Blog This Mom!® said...

I'm new here. I came over from smalltownme. Hello!

I LOVE the sailboat. All of the gifts are inspired! Oh to be six, for sure.

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