July 18, 2014

I just returned from a date at Tire Warehouse

Today is Friday- I should finally get around to mentioning that the boys were not here for the week; they are with their sets of grandparents and assuredly living life to it's fullest.  This has happened before (oh that's a fun link, isn't it?  I'm so chipper!), and before and before... enough that I am getting better at knowing what to do without kids.  

Oh please!  I do other things too, but a gin and tonic with mint IS quite refreshing to partake of throughout the week.  And I can muddle that mint whenever I want to.  Champ and I had friends over 2 nights ago and the gig didn't even start until 8pm.  Say what?  A gathering at 8pm on a worknight?!  We are getting wild up here in Vermont with the boys away.  Calling everything from replacing old tires, to grabbing lunch, to thrift shopping "a date" because well, it felt like it!

Have you figured it out?  That paragraph is basically a big giant thank you to Grammy and Pappy, Nona and Pa.  We owe some thank yous for this party too, while I'm at it.

Those are pool noodle light sabers, and it's Ace not Bear (just sayin'). More on Bear's Star Wars and Smores parties to come later this week.  In the meantime, a few simple housekeeping items:

-a few weeks ago, I mentioned changes around here.  They are headed here soon-the kid free week has helped to propel the project forward

I've lamented over how to photograph my twiny, twin niece and nephew while holding them... it doesn't work.  Well over Bear's birthday season, there were practically fights over who would hold the babies.  During one particular instance these two won 

and so I still made my hands useful by grabbing the camera.


My next goal is to get photos of them in lovely compositions and without the camera shaking from my excitement.  Wait!  While that seems a bit of an outlandish request, maybe it won't be.  We are all headed down to Virginia this weekend for cousin J's wedding (yay J and B!!!).  A happy wedding, some southern landscapes, and a sprinkling of twins? Seems like the perfect excuse to take my camera along.

What good excuses do you have for the upcoming weekend?


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