July 08, 2014


Today Bear turns six.  As is our style, we've been celebrating, and we will continue to celebrate in the days to come since birthdays are very big deals no matter what age one is turning.

He's got serious plans for today: play with Mama and Ace, eat "unhealthy" things, go on a hike, and meet up with Papa after work for a birthday dinner out.  So very simple, the birthday wishes of a little boy.  I am charmed by his requests.

Last night I tiptoed into the boy's room with my camera after they were asleep.  My point and shoot simply set to auto, but the photo rendered is more important to me than any other picture I have, or will shoot, this month.  My boy on the eve of turning six: I am just about flabbergasted by it all.

Happy Happy birthday, Bear!!!


smalltownme said...

Happy Birthday to your wonderful beautiful son.

Leslie said...

happy birthday Bear

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