July 30, 2014

Under construction

Notice anything different around here?  Having trouble figuring out what in the world is going on with that sidebar there?  Clarity will be here soon, my friends, as Any Given Moment is undergoing some fabulous changes! Soon enough this space will be NEW AND IMPROVED, especially thanks to the talents of Coffeeshop blog design, but for the time being there are a few more odds and ends to be sorted out. 

We will be back up and running within two weeks, but in the meantime check out how HUGE I can now make my pictures if I wanna!  Score!

Oh- and that wedding? It was FAN-tastic.  A bell was rung to announce my cousin, the bride, coming down the aisle.  Is this standard fare for Virgina weddings?  I hope so.

              my uncle and the gorgeous bride-to-be

Congratulations again B and J!  Sending you lots and lots of love from Vermont!



Pam B said...

Nice, headed your way on August 7, would love to visit and chat!

smalltownme said...

Here's to huge pictures!

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