August 29, 2014

Giveaways are great

Hi all!  Here's my plan: 

Over these next immediate days I'm going to finish up my Cape Cod posts.  This does not mean posting lots 'o' pictures from my vacation.  I find that grating on blogs and... well, you can just look at my "latest moments" over in the sidebar there if you choose to have more visuals (I would choose but hey, I love Cape Cod!).  This does mean that I will share my tried and true TJ styled travelling with children tips, a few pointers on discovering lovely bits you can summer forage on and around Cape Cod, and some great places to haunt next time you are in the Buzzard's Bay/Cape area.
Maybe even tips on...

Gang, this ALSO MEANS that next Wednesday, 9/3, I will be done with all my Cape Cod sonnets of love and ready to officially introduce you to a new and improved version of Any Given Moment. YAY!!!!  Be sure to come back on that day because I will have a free goodie for all of you, and a giveaway too.  Who doesn't love a good giveaway?  Hmmm?   

See you in just hours,


Pam B said...

love the new look!

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