August 17, 2014

Once Upon A Tart's Berry Scones

A flurry of activity in my house this morning because soon, very soon, we leave for Cape Cod!  The excitement is palpable.  The kitchen is a mess.  

Why?  Because we can't eat ice cream cones and hot dogs on the beach every day for lunch.  Oh no, no.  Ok well, actually I'd be fine with that- it's vacation after all!  But that's not cost effective, so I make a few goodies to take along with us.  I am not above packing the necessary ingredients to make sun tea on our cottage porch either; I sit the jar right next to our drippy bathing suits.  Elegant.

"Chex" mix and my favorite sesame ginger popcorn have been created already, as have some scrumptious berry scones.  When my family and I are whirling dervishes, I tend to bake something tempting to us all that we can just grab and eat whenever; calling it breakfast, lunch, dinner... (no, crockpot saved the day for dinner).  

Yeah, scones have lots of butter in them, but I'm not scared of butter.  I say bring it on.  With the way we are all looting the house like pirates as we fill our suitcases, I'd say we have energy to burn. Here, let me plate one for you...

The recipe is from the cookbook "Once Upon A Tart"; it's one of my no fail cookbooks.  I have yet to find a recipe in it that I did not find scrumptious.  Lots of choices to chose from for scrumptiousness too: tarts (had you guessed that one?), baked goods, salads, soups...

Pinecones and Acorns has the recipe posted
My field notes are: milk kefir replaced the buttermilk, and I used fig preserves instead of raspberry because that's what was on hand.

If you aren't in the mood for edible scumptiousness, would you rather this type?

The ultimate would be to eat a warm berry scone while looking at these photos of my nephew and niece. 

I'm off to the beach,


smalltownme said...

I wish I could blow a raspberry on that baby's sweet belly.

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