August 20, 2014

practicing photography in Cape Cod

These two pictures, so drastically different, tell you what type of photography fun I'm having out here on vacation.  Whee, it's been fun!!  

The first photo displays that I actually kinda sorta set up a composed picture in a not perfect light situation (fine.  It WAS a perfect light situation, just not one I could easily capture on my camera).  My moxie was put to the test here; we can read all the books, all the manuals, but only when a situation presents itself do we rise -or sink- on the proving ground.  Glad this time I floated and pst... a boat passing as if perfectly timed certainly helped my situation!  

The second picture?  I asked that jovial gent if I could take a picture of him and his colorful statement of a car.  I'm pretty sure asking subjects for permission to photograph has catapulted me into a new catagory for picture taking: aggressive amateur, maybe?! 

We continue to savor these last few beautiful days on the Cape.  If you want a bit more Cape Cod, check out our "Latest Moments" over there in the sidebar.

Sending a sunny, warm sand under your feet hello to all of you,



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