August 06, 2014

summer life

Still under construction around here, but I figured posting some photos from the past few days won't delay me all that much...

I know we are firmly in summer when I can't seem to get enough of chanterelles and blueberries

See what I mean?  Our awesome nieces and nephew arrive and we take them... blueberry picking!

In other news, Ace continues to have a hard-knock summer- complete with bug bites, bumps, and a brand new gravel burn across his face.  One recent afternoon the dogs tried to show him where sleep is best, but Ace chose to sleep under the guest bed- unbeknownst to me.  He keeps me on my toes, that one!

How has your summer been so far?
(ps: want to come pick blueberries?)


Leslie said...

i would be delighted to pick berries with your beautiful family.....alas, if i only lived closer. i can only imagine there might have been a panic moment for me if i could not find a little person, finding him under that bed is adorable...but nerve wracking!!!!

smalltownme said...

Mmmm, those berries!

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