August 14, 2014

Using Avett Brothers as a distraction

Yuck.  Today I am trying to figure out how to put social media such and such over there in the sidebar.  Do you work with HTML or CSS?  Hope not because it can give one quite a headache.  I'm here to distract myself for a moment.

                             Prince John and Robin Hood  *

 Just for public knowledge, I need to document the fact that The Avett Brothers played in my hometown this month.  It was a bit of a bummer for them to be in my old stomping ground and not see them, but I needed to be grown-up about it.  When the day of the concert arrived, I didn't even sulk (too much).  I blasted their music all day long and remembered how I was on top of the world happy when I saw them in March.

I think I keep harping on and on about this band because I sense they are different.  Case in point: they just played at my hometown's Musicfest. Now that is a high and mighty music festival, but still- The Avett Brothers are peaking.  They could play anywhere LIKE AT RED ROCKS!, yet they still show up ready for action at smaller jam sessions like the Lehigh Valley, too.   I respect that. These musicians are authentic, true to the root.  Listen to just one of their songs and tell me you can't hear it.  Watch how they act on stage and tell me you can't see it.

I gotta dive back in to the world of social media, but you?  You should absolutely check out some Avett Brother music.  Tell then that TJ sent you.

We came for salvation
We came for family
We came for all that's good that's how we'll walk away
We came to break the bad
We came to cheer the sad
We came to leave behind the world a better way.  ~ from "Salvation Song" The Avett Brothers

* there is no rhyme or reason for these pictures except - wait for the reach- that Ace and Bear are brothers too.
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smalltownme said...

I love the Avett Brothers. I first saw them on the 2011 Grammys doing their own music and then backing Bob Dylan who was not so great that night but the Avett Brothers were amazing! And then I saw them at the Santa Barbara Bowl last summer. So wonderful! And I am so glad I blogged about the experiences because it helped me remember them now!

Jane In The Jungle said...

LOVE the Avett Brothers!!

T.J. said...

yay! I love hearing feedback from other Avett fans :). And small town mom- I remember reading that post of yours and grinning to the moon and back!!!

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