August 31, 2014

Visit Cape Cod: Buzzard's Bay, Falmouth, Provincetown, and Eastham

How does one go about providing fresh insight on a place she jibber jabbers on and on about every year?  Well, first she opens the door to the archives: Cape Cods past here
and here and here (which if you click on, leads to a post with a cape cod link which leads to yet another cape cod post).  Have I ever mentioned to you that Champ and I honeymooned in Cape Cod?  I tooooootally should write a cape cod post about that too.

When the backstory is neat and tidily presented, she moves on to the present year's vacation and packs it full of tips she might not have mentioned in 2010, 2011, 2012 and so on.  Ahem, here goes nothing...

Cape Cod 2014

When travelling to Cape Cod, we've spent the last few years staying in Buzzard's Bay.  This is because even though Cape Cod is technically on both sides of the canal, rates tend to be cheaper when you stay on the mainland side of the cape and then travel across either the Bourne or Sagamore Bridge for day trips. And anyway... travelling across the Bourne Bridge each day was a highlight in and of itself for our boys!

Fun Times in Buzzard's Bay

Eastwind Lobster Restaurant never lets us down.  It's unassuming from the outside, but step on in and order up some of the freshest seafood in town.   The views from within aren't too shabby either...


Buzzard's Bay Park is home to the beginning of the Cape Cod Canal bike path.  I've run on it many a time, occasionally Bear has biked; most often we leisurely walk along taking in the classic views found on this canal.

There is an awe-inspiring railroad bridge here.  If you're lucky and it's timed just right; you might catch a glimpse of the train...

We saw this in the canal on the day we left...

If you leave the park and travel only a more few minutes down the road to east wareham, you will find a salvation army thrift shop.  This is one of my all time favorite thrift shops: it's clean and spacious and chock full of great deals!


Fun times in Falmouth

This year Pa took Bear on his own special fishing trip.   They had a blast cruising around looking for flounder; in the end they found some!  


In the meantime Champ, Atticus, Nona, and I cruised around downtown Falmouth and found breakfast.  A perennial go-to for us if we're in the area.  The coffee is scrumptious.


 Mary Oliver, endearing poet to so many of us, lives on Cape Cod. A long time ago I decided that I would only purchase her books when on the Cape as a sign of solidarity (known only to me I suppose).  Eight Cousins Bookstore is where I do it- of course their selection of Oliver books is wide!  Ever since making this decision, I'm grateful we visit Cape Cod once a year.  What in the world would I do otherwise?!


Fun Times In Provincetown

Pa is astounded by the fried dough deliciousness we introduced him to at the Provincetown Portuguese Bakery.  I bet Mary Oliver isn't surprised by how awesome they are because she lives on the same street as the bakery and probably gets to eat them weekly- that lucky gal!


Whale watching is a popular activity to do in and around Cape Cod.  I'm not going to dwell on it except to say that you should consider doing it at least once in your life.  We saw all manner of whales during our outing, but this was my favorite picture from the watch because you can see the barnacles on the tail.   


Fun times in Eastham

The final day of our trip we went to Nauset Light Beach.  This is a slice of heaven for me: lighthouse and accessible beach all rolled in to one.  The beach is part of the Cape Cod National Seashore which means a lifeguard is on duty and there are some facilities.  It also means that the parking lot fills RAPIDLY- you've been warned.  We walk left past the lifeguard station and keeeeeeep walking.  It's like a whole new world out there with hardly a human in sight.

This beach is special for oh so many reasons.  It's staggering sand cliffs...

It's soft, distinctly springy sand at low tide with passive waves. and it's bracing, rock tumbling shoreline at high tide.  I like a beach that reminds me how rugged it is; this one lays it on the line for you.

And then there are the seals.  The photobombing, curious seals.

Yes yes where there are seals... but judging by the amount of cars in the parking lot, folks will back me up when I say fear of sharks is not a reason to avoid this patch of wild Atlantic.  It's the closest I've ever felt to experiencing what "ocean" really means.   

In all this I've somehow erased my signature, so imagine a red tj at the bottom of this page and me signing off for now.


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