September 12, 2014

Friday's finish

Let's get down to business!  The winner of the maple syrup giveway-chosen by is Pam B.  Yay and congratulations!!!!  I'll be contacting you to get that jug headed your way ASAP.

You know what?  You know what this week brought?

{Life in general}
- Bear's second week of school
- Ace testing positive for a decent amount of lead in his blood
- Mid Autumn Moon Festival
- chopping off some of my thumb while chopping cabbage
- Ace having his blood drawn again, this time in a lab
- Bear's root canal appointment
- soccer practice began for Bear
- Champ and I maintaining busy, busy schedules
- a somber, reflective Thursday for Americans

{Life extraordinary}
- a friend calling to arrange an extended visit here
- driving Bear to and from the bus becoming a welcomed routine
- Ace's second set of blood work coming back negative for lead
- getting stopped on our walk by a stranger complimenting Huckle and Trot
- I still have 5 fingers on my right hand
-  Bear's root canal turning, in the 11th hour, into only a bit of scraping and
    hollowing out
- finding hidden pockets of free time in scheduled days

God and I have been having some deep conversations these days: regarding my friends, my family, my life. I started off yesterday's chat with Him by saying "you know when last week in church that woman patted my sons' heads and said 'you are blessed'? Today I am beginning to understand what she already knows.  I'm aware that blessings don't always go hand in hand with lovely outcomes; yet while I can recognize that not all weeks will have happy endings, I am on my knees with gratitude that this one did."

Get out there and enjoy your weekend.  I'm not gonna have any trouble enjoying mine.      



Pam B said...

Thank you so much! Have a fun, fun fun Fall!

Emmy said...

Okay this answered the thumb question-- glad you have most of your thumb it sounds like still, not fun!

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