September 03, 2014

Giveaway Hooray!

Today I put Bear on the school bus for his very first day of kindergarten.  Now do you see why I timed this post laden, giveaway full, launch week so appropriately?  Kinda trying to keep parts of my brain from focusing too heavily on what is happening here.  Yes, yes even if it is a very good thing.  Anywho, more on that later since you are here for the giveaway after all, correct?!

I got two, count 'em two, giveaways for you.  First up, a free printable quoteboard designed by yours truly. To Kill a Mockingbird is my most favorite book of all time, Bear's journey to solidly following his own conscience began today: the combo seemed fitting.  Print out your free 8x10 copy of the quote here. 

Before I get into the second giveaway, I've got a few other announcements regarding Any Given Moment's new look.  Do you like it here?  I sooooo do and the behind the scenes stuff is so so much easier now.  Let's all have a big round of applause for Rita over at The Coffee Shop Blog- I cannot tell you enough positive comments about how helpful she's been.  Thank you again Rita, for dealing with my fickle heart and my crazy schedule!!!!  The slideshow on my header, the organized layout, the page tabs, the LARGE PHOTOS are all thanks to her.  

A huge shout out to Coupons by I am ever so grateful to have them advertising on Any Given Moment (seriously, those coupons are pretty great!), especially since their funding made my work with Rita possible- hence a cooler blog for all of you.  Win-win-win.

What else?  Oh, I streamlined how to follow this blog, made it more mobile friendly, and added a photo gallery on the side bar labelled "The Latest Moments".  It will be my version of instagram, so check it regularly.  And then there are the super new tweaks.  I'll speak to them directly in the weeks ahead; in the meantime get ready for a little more action from Trot and Huckle, a few more pages turned during book reviews and discussions, and a bunch more free quoteboard downloads, because I adore you all. Thanks for visiting- and continuing to visit- this here space!

Did you guess the second giveaway yet?  MAPLE SYRUP!  Remember I live in Vermont?  AND I like pancakes.  Here's how to enter the giveaway for your own quart of locally sourced maple syrup:

All those new ways to follow Any Given Moment- well go ahead and use them!  Sign on to follow along, then leave me a comment telling me you've joined.  Have you been kicking around here for a while?  I am so appreciative for your company!  Leave a comment telling me what you plan to do with the maple syrup if you're the lucky winner.  The giveaway ends next Tuesday, September 9th. at 9am est.  Good luck. 

                    (the syrup was photobombed, so it should be extra tasty)


* 7/23/15 edited to add:  I have since terminated Filesnack as host of the downloadable quote.  Please note quote is now available through Google Drive.


Pam B said...

We made sure to get the Fall refill of VT Maple Syrup when we recently visited. We always know when we need to come back to VT by the level of maple syrup in the container! Perish the thought if I make pancakes and we have not planned it right! Happy Fall!

Rita said...

Ahhhh, thank you so much for the wonderful shout-out! I loved working with you and I love how your site turned out. <3

smalltownme said...

If I win the maple syrup I will have pancakes every weekend, and make tasty maple treats to send to my baby boy who has gone away to college.

I love the larger views of your beautiful pictures.

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