September 15, 2014

Roll over

All I wanted was to snap an updated photo of Trot and Huckle. but Huckle had other ideas.  I recently taught him to roll over so he felt inclined to show me what he's learned thus far.  What's funnier: Huckle's pride or Trot's indifference?


Our days are currently as packed as the jars I keep canning. Blanching and chopping (hence, my missing thumb) and gathering and freezing and drying and on and on and on.  This year I scored an extra bounty of tomatoes at a year sale (I was delighted!), and Champ scored a free dishwasher to replace our "exhausted by any effort towards washing" one.  That's what I call a great harvest season.   

      taking a break to look for gold.  They didn't find anything but more green beans.

This time of year I drink a whole lot of coffee; intently burning the candle down so that there is no such thing as an end.  Champ and I are about as exhausted as Huckle there most days, but if I'm to feel exhaustion this is the type I prefer: complete with nicks on my hands, lukewarm coffee on the counter, beet stains on all the dish towels, and a growing insurance that we will have produce readily available throughout the winter days.  The days when I certainly could bundle up and drive down a snowy road to the grocery store, but why?  Some folks preserve their food out of necessity- I'm not that by any means.  Other folks preserve food because while it's tiring, they find fulfillment and nourishment in it- that's kind of me.  A few folks put food by so that they can be lazy yet healthful all winter long- now that's me!  


smalltownme said...

Your chard is as pretty as your flowers.

Emmy said...

Lol- because of your title I figured you were asking the dogs to roll over and that Trot was the one being the stinker and just ignoring you :) And wait the missing thumb?? Is that literal? Oh man I need to get caught up on your blog.

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