September 08, 2014

The wait is over

a classic morning at the bus stop

The wait is over.  Bear is a newly minted a kindergartener.  He couldn't be happier.

He practically owns this year already, what with the confidence he's displayed this past week (cranky, mr. tired-pants has also been displayed, but we won't get into that!). Champ and I are delighted with his easy-breezy attitude towards it all, since it currently presents as an eagerness to learn and become part of the school community.  

If a swagger while stepping off the bus is a side effect then we won't call it cocky, rather an assured feeling of knowing he's in the right place, finding the right path each day within his new community of fellow learners.

last year's schultute

That's all I can say for right now without getting all reflective and sentimental, but even when wallowing deep in my Mama thoughts, I can recognize that this was a most lovely way for Bear to have begun his official school career.  Here's to kindergarten 2014!

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Emmy said...

Awe yea!! So so happy he is having such a great year! Makes me so happy to hear. He is so big!

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