October 13, 2014

Ace confronts 3

Ace turned 3 last week.  He had big BIG plans for the day involving candy, some taboo lunch choices, and rainbow everything.  Here's how it went down:

When I snuck in to peek at his last few hours as a 2yr old, I discovered the dogs packed tightly around him; ushering him into threedom like some mythological guardians of the calendar.

Either that, or everybody was cold that night.  When he woke, we celebrated with Bear until it was time to catch the school bus.

Now this child of mine-  he is not Bear.  He does not request things that Bear would.  He does not need suggestions as he always has his own plan of action.  Therefore once Bear was out of sight, Ace immediately began requesting "candy!"  "rainbow popsicles!"  "candy!"  "chicken nuggets!" "candy!".  Having heard these requests for the past month in anticipation of his big day, I knew just where to head first.

Candy for breakfast?  Sure if only once a year (or so).  Afterwards, I tried to take a few photos like I've seen floating around online
- gorgeous fall backdrop, dappled lighting, interesting plants- 
Ace was not that cooperative.  You think it was the candy?

We took a break for lunch.  There must have been a blue moon on his birthday...

Ace was livin' the life by this point in the day.  He asked "is my birthday tomorrow too?"  I replied that those mythical dogs should have told him the full deal of how birthdays work: only one gloriously reckless day per year.  Tomorrow we eat broccoli again.  We swung by the post office to pick up some birthday packages and that perked his spirits right up.

Our friends were having a harvest fest... they generously expanded it into a birthday party.  We brought rainbow popsicles and wore tie dye.  The band played happy birthday and Ace was smitten with the idea that this gathering was entirely for him.  We rolled with it into the evening hours, agreeing that the birthday fireworks were indeed spectacular.

We tucked him into bed a sticky, field burrs in hair mess.  There was a grin on his face and new rainbow silks surrounding him.  He smelled of a chocolate grass sweat blend: a perfume that for the rest of my life will remind me of him, me, and one perfect fall day in 2014.  Happy 3rd birthday, Ace.  We love you.


smalltownme said...

A beautiful day. Happy Birthday, Ace!

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