October 25, 2014

Fox barks on the weekend

Last week a barred owl kept me up with it's call.  I would not, could not fall asleep while the bird's cooking related question kept drifting in through the (now open) window.  Barred owls are my favorite; I would stay up all night to hear their message.

Nothing is going to rival my fondness for barred owl calls, but Champ and I head a sound last night that came pretty close:

What do you think?  I find creepy sounds coming from the dark woods during Halloween season to be fabulous... as long as I'm hearing said creepy sounds from the comfort of my home.  My knees would have been knocking quite a bit if I'd been walking in the woods at midnight and heard this vixen's bark.


Some other -slightly less vocal- moments of late:

Ace has had a few more birthday desserts.  A few more gifts given.

We were delighted to have our friend E come for a quick visit! I showed her a good time by taking her to Bear's school assembly, and then a field where I picked up my monthly co-op order.  It was a rockin' time; with those kind of planned events she's sure to come visit again soon.   

Grammy and Pappy came to visit.  They did not pack a baby with them.  They did help us pick out some pumpkins.  Grammy and Pappy are fans of cauliflower like us, so I made this recipe (sans red pepper flakes).

Bear has been inspired by our reading of the "Indian in the Cupboard" book series.  We had a few ears of corn kickin' around: he took it upon himself to prepare the corn "the way Little Bear would" after asking permission to use a butter knife.  The view from my kitchen window hints of the past as the books always stoked my imagination as a child; I have a tiny, magical idea of how he viewed himself in this moment.

Enjoy your weekend!


Mrs. Bird said...

Happy Fall!!! Hope you all are well!

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