October 22, 2014

hold on a minute...

Hold on.  Before you up and start thinking I'm someone I'm not, let me clear a possible misconception.  Yes, yesterday's post is near and dear to my heart.  I not only care about the foods we eat around here, but I really really really enjoy chowing on healthy foods like: arugula, and soba noodles, and milk kefir, and sushi, and I know the farmer-all happy-eat pesticide free grass-hang with your calf-beef.  Sure.  For the most part I live off a diet like that. But...

I am a card carrying member of the Booberry cereal fan club; have been for quite a long time.  It has quite a following actually- even secured it's own Facebook page.  

Part of it's mystique (besides the fact that it's a ghost mascot on the box.  Serious.) is that it's only mainly available during the Halloween season, so hunting down my holy grail of cereal in Target this past weekend led to a thrilling find.  It's back!!  It's crunchy marshmallow ghosts and it's blueberry flavored grains.  Here's how I showed restrain: I did not buy more than one 2 boxes because it wouldn't be any fun if I could eat it whenever I wanted (and since Champ knew I had already bought a box for my brother-fellow card carrying member- earlier this season my excuse that it was for him would have been a total lie and I would have been busted.)  Here's how I did not show restrain: this afternoon I pulled out two bowls and treated Ace to his first helping of this ultramarine dyed deliciousness.  He didn't know what to think since boxed cereal of any sort is a rare item to find in this house.

I said "Happy Halloween season!  Dig in!" and then modeled what to do.  After a few moments of crunching, he smiled wide his blue stained teeth. "This good" he said.  That's my boy I thought, then I went and hid the second box.


smalltownme said...

It's fun to have a treat.

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