October 15, 2014

Picture book review: Grandfather Twilight

Move over Goodnight Moon, there's a new bedtime book in the house!  Yeah, yeah Margaret Brown knew her stuff and children should own a copy of Goodnight Moon, but you know what?  Children should also own a copy of Grandfather Twilight by Barbara Berger.  I first came upon this book when working at the bookstore.  I promptly bought myself a copy and squirreled it away because I knew it was bound to become a classic in our house.  It did.

Grandfather Twilight is a calm exuding, elderly gentleman- as modeled here by Ace who is smitten SMITTEN with the character.  He lives in a dreamy house in the woods along with a cat, a German Shepherd, and a gorgeous chest full of pearls.  He also owns a pair of slippers; a key detail in Ace's opinion.

Similar to "Goodnight Moon", the story line is tightly composed with perfectly curated words.  The pictures set the tone immediately with wispy watercolors that are pure art.  
I'm not kidding- I could frame every single picture from this book.  As Grandfather walks through the pages he leaves twilight behind where daylight had just been;  journeying through the woods to the sea where he gently places the pearl in the sky to complete the Earth's cycle in to night.  Returning home, the animals are tucked in, the candle blown out, and good night whispered.  

 The book is moving enough to have Ace spending his days "walking like Grandfather Twilight"*, thus how can you not give in to this kind of recommendation for a book?! 

* actually Grandfather Twilight has great posture


smalltownme said...

I grew up around a lot of elderly relatives and I used to walk around like in that last picture, calling myself a junior senior citizen.

The book sounds lovely.

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