October 28, 2014

Quick Halloween Treat ideas for teacher, classroom, or you!

 Need a Halloween idea for your child's teacher?  How about a treat for the kids involving candy corn and rats?  Just the thing you were looking for?  perfect!  Let's get to it...

I found some bone shaped chalk at Target (who would have thunk it?!).  I also gathered up some festive Halloween themed washi tape.  Thought up a ghoulish little saying and...

BOO!  I glued the 5x7 sign onto construction paper for durability. There were 0 sheets of cardstock in the house, otherwise I would have used that to print on. 

Scored some rats at Target.  Bear suggested we give them corn to eat.  

We added in a fun little riddle for the tag, and I was set for school-wide trick or treating.

Why, whatever else would a rat eat on Halloween?


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