October 21, 2014

The school lunch

Going in to this whole "starting kindergarten" thing, I had my reservations.  Mainly, food.  Especially lunches.  Bear eats well- I believe the going term is "adventurous"- but I had no idea what would happen once he started in on these 7 hour school days.  A Mama can pack a healthy lunch, but will her boy eat it?!  Admittedly, one of the great joys I've found in motherhood is watching my children ingest the food I've prepared for them.  This frames me as a creepy overlord, but the sentiment is genuine with little hearts drawn all over it.   From nursing on up, I've liked to watch my boys eat; perhaps a layover from our primal past?  I don't need to be around when my boys are ordering ice cream at the dairy bar or housing restaurant french fries, but if they are at home, eating homemade foods, I'm usually nearby with a goofy grin on my face.  I LIKE seeing what they eat.

School then, caused a problem.  I thought about his lunch a lot in the weeks leading up to school.  I wondered how I would get nutritious foods into his system both willingly, and without making him feel like the wackiest lunch carting kid in kindergarten.

In the end, my seeming problem resolved itself; even proving to supply my mealtime
maniacal grin as I pack lunch each night.  The school encourages lunch packing (for most of the week anyway).  CHECK!  My sister-in-law gifted Bear with the coolest lunch box ever right before school started.  DOUBLE CHECK!  Bear picked out a shark themed carrier for it and suddenly lunch time at school was a rockin' place to be: was it because I put a silly little something in his lunch each day to make him laugh, or maybe the daily note tucked around his silverware?  I was thinking about this last night as I steeped his caffeine free rooibus tea to put in his SIGG bottle. Gathering up the weird toy to hide in his kiwi, funneling the tea into his water bottle...  all are actions that help me to feel I still have a handle on my child's life- he's only 6 of course I do- but that isn't always easy to stand by when Bear is someone else's responsibility for such a large chunk of the day.  Who steeps tea to send with their child each day???!!!!!!!  I do thank you very much, and I will continue to do such things for as long as he lets me.  Some folks don't need these
salvations, but oh I do. My gig is food: it's the most tangible way for me to show love to my family.  Prepping Bear's lunch tonight, tomorrow, the next day, and the next has been the unexpected balm helping me to ease into this new, adventurous world of kindergarten.


smalltownme said...

That is the cutest lunch ever! I love the halloween sandwiches.

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