November 26, 2014

Acorns for Thanksgiving

Bear AND Champ are home all day tomorrow: an easy reason to be thankful as we slip and snowy slide into Thanksgiving.  The boys and I got all crafty this afternoon so that tomorrow I can hang in the kitchen for a good amount of time; jamming to music and cooking up a storm.  For me, this is an obvious holiday to get excited about and that's not even including the excitement of Gluttony Bowl.

On to our crafts... this year Bear and Ace did a few simple ones centered around acorns.

They painted some wooden ones to place on leaves for our guests. The leaves we collected in the woods, then I shellaced them and flattened them in a very heavy, thick book.  Any guesses on it's title?

Bear designed the place cards by drawing branches ripe with the ever classic- fingerprint acorn.

We finished up with one more acorn craft- an oatmeal/coffee art project.  Our version had no paint involved, and Bear added a stamped message on his for all of you...

Happy Thanksgiving!


smalltownme said...

Nice crafts! Have a wonderful holiday.

Linda said...

Great project, lovely crafts.

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