November 21, 2014

Big Papa's Banana Pudding

OK, so I don't really know who Tyler Florence is.  I'm sure he's lovely, and many rave about his recipes, but I hardly know what he even looks like.  Maybe it's because my cable days ended during the time Rachel Ray first began on Food Network?  Regardless, I really like Tyler's father, "Big Papa" (nope.  Haven't met him either).  Why?  Well, follow the family lineage here: Big Papa made a crazy good banana pudding each week for his church congregation-Tyler thought it so crazy good that he got the recipe from his Dad- the recipe was then shared in a Better Homes and Gardens issue and that's how I found it.

It's got a spectacular meringue topping to it.  That sold it for me, but see what you think...

Gather up 3 ripe bananas and then head here for the recipe.

Field notes: I don't do the double boiler thing: I find that the multiple pans take up way too much space in my kitchen.  Instead, I put a heat resistant bowl over a regular 'ol cast iron stock pot.  Also, at the time we only had pretzels to create the crust with, but if I were to do it again I'd use some sort of vanilla cookie as the recipe suggests.


smalltownme said...

Pretzels sound like an inspired substitute. You've got that sweet/salty combo going.

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