November 12, 2014

Coming and Going

We get a lot of company here: over 10 years in Vermont and visitors are still going strong.  I'm certain it's only because of the charmingly lovely personalities Champ and I embody. 

98% of the time I adore having overnight folks around because even if I'm found to not actually be all that charming, I am still a "people person" who likes to cook for others.  Innkeeping has always been a bit of a siren call for me; the way our life runs I kinda have gotten my dreams answered (caveat: careful what you wish for). 

We tend to get so many visitors, that I don't always comment about our going-ons in this space.  Seriously, who would read here on a Monday if I'm always gushing: 
"well this weekend so and so visited, and we ate these delicious morsels I made from scratch, and we all got along swimmingly, and just look at these stunning photos I took to document it all...

It would make you want to punch my teeth out, wouldn't it? Especially since I don't ever mention the potential downsides to having out of town guests all.the.time:
"well, we missed so and so's birthday party AGAIN, I have to grocery shop on Wednesday at 8pm since I didn't get to do it over the weekend, gee it would be nice if someone finally hauled some firewood in for the week, if I have to do one more blessed load of sheets and towels..."

Thankfully the positives of having company outweigh the negatives, which is why our door always swings wide.  It's also why some weekends like this past one need to be recorded, as they are an integral part of our daily life.  This one right here?  It was a kick off to my birthday week and a looong anticipated visit, so yeah I'm gonna post some pictures from it.  I dare you to pop out my teeth- it's probably cheaper than going to the dentist anyway.

                                            ~lots of boys/lots of books~

~this was serious business- as displayed by the line which formed~

~when friends as close as THEGODPARENTS come, sure we play, but we also put them to work: decorating our Christmas tree, prepping the generator for the winter... treating them as though they belong here.  Permanently.

It was a fine, fine kick off to the week.


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