November 23, 2014

Moments with Mutts

 Because of my dogs, I'm committed to finding animal inspiration in the day to day moments.  What animals inspire you? Share your stories and links in the comments!   

If ever I were to encourage you to read an article, it would be the one linked below.  Only one article this week- skim it, read it verbatim, link it to friends... however you process it, know that never has there been a clearer explanation of why I own the dogs I do, and why I will be forever advocating for them.  Even when it's hard.  Even when strangers we pass on a walk gives us the dirtiest of looks.  As the article states:

-You learn a lot about America when you own a pit bull. You learn not just who likes your dog; you learn what kind of person likes your dog—and what kind of person fears him.

The Links
The State of the American Dog

The Dogs

Are you trying to get out of here without clicking on to that article?  For shame!  At least read this quote from it before you go:

- But we are also a country that likes to create idylls of its own good intentions and then penalize what doesn't fit. Pit bulls don't fit. They don't fit in the idyll of the dog park or sometimes even in the idyll of rescue, in which dogs that demand total responsibility are instead expected to rise above what they really are. They have upped the ante on American dog ownership by narrowing the margin of error to the point of nonexistence.


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