November 04, 2014

Montessori Moment: name correspondence

Hi gang!  A super quick Montessori idea before I scramble back out the door...

Name to Picture Matching 1:1

Materials needed: cards with names of family members written on them/ photo of each family member
Ace is currently 3, but we began with the first stage of this work when he was 2.

I wrote each of our immediate family members name on sentence strips and "laminated" them with packing tape.  They were hung on the fridge and over a period of a few weeks I would read the names to Ace; sometimes top to bottom, sometimes bouncing around.  As he became familiar with them, I'd ask him to point to a name while I said it.  Eventually he'd point to a name and tell me what it said. Once he had mastery, I introduced photos to match each name tag.

I modeled how to match each name to it's corresponding picture, and then "read" through the matches (I also modeled how to clean it back up).  I had Ace do it a few times with me until he again dislpayed mastery.  It now is in an independent work area for him to use on his own.

A short, oh so easy to prepare important work activity- it's even portable!  Don't be deceived though.  It may be simple, but lots of pre-reading skills are available to Ace by matching up his cards to photos.  Currently we are focusing on recognition of the length of the words and the shape of the letters, but soon enough letter sounds will be introduced with gusto.  One last note- this activity can be expanded too.  Once sounds are introduced, give your child little toys or pictures that begin with the same sound as one of your name cards, then have your child sort his/her stash of toys and pictures onto the appropriate sounding name card.  Create themed cards and pictures like: barnyard animals, sealife, vehicles...  so many ways to grow with this easy peasy activity!


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