December 23, 2014

How does your holiday look?

OOOOH it's turning into the Christmas spirit around here!  

The festing, the visiting, the absolutely no rhythm to our days.  Does that sound sarcastic?  No, no I don't mean it!  I do love all this running around and hugging and loving while in Pennsylvania.  I love too, knowing that in a few more days the season turns again as we return to Vermont and begin the slower pace of Christmas. Yup, there's nothing like the kind of Christmas celebrating I'm experiencing and that's what's so beloved about it- it's uniqueness unto me.

So that's that.  Along with all the other delights I will be doing today, I have a newborn to visit- a Christmas season baby, gang!! Who sits on their computer when there is a new baby boy in the world?  Certainly not me!

Carry on your festing and we'll meet up again soon.

Sending much love,

ps: those cookies have all found good homes by now
pps: clearly B and T this is a shout out to you!!!  Congratulations on becoming parents!!!!


smalltownme said...

Yum yum yum! Merry Christmas!

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