December 28, 2014

Merry Kiss-mas ( a holiday craft and Christmas part 2)

Ok, so it may be after Christmas now, but Gram wanted me to tell you about the Christmas craft Ace made this year.  If you're the kind who likes to move right on to Christmas 2015 then have at it, otherwise bookmark this post until next November or something (I am very much a part of the later group).

Follow that supply list up there and gather together some jars.  I got mine in the wedding section at Michael's, but I highly suggest recycling any 'ol jars you have on hand.  Next, shove some Hershey kisses into each of the jars; eat the leftovers.

Here's the part that takes some time: collect up all the lids from the jars.  Spray them down with the white paint, you'll need at least 2 coats. In these pictures I also sprayed them with snow, but DON'T DO IT!  The mess was unreal.  If you want festive snow, buy the paint on kind.

  Once the lids are dry, glue on the candy.  After everything has dried, spray it down with shellac and allow it to continue drying for a good, long time before screwing the lids back onto the jars.

Print out the handy, dandy tags from here- there are 6 tags to a page,  Sign the tags, slip one and a jar into a festive bag, and you are all set to spread some holiday year.

How about I bring us back to present day with a few pictures from Christmas 2014 here in Vermont?  Take your leave now!  Quick!  Otherwise, a photo laden ending is going to swallow you whole...

We arrived home from Pennsylvania in the wee hours of Christmas morning, so there was a scramble to get to bed before Santa arrived.  We were startled to find "Elf" had followed us back home.  It was a bittersweet farewell, knowing that he was settled into the Christmas tree for one final survey before flying off to the North Pole until next year.

Later that same day... we noticed some clear cut signs that Santa had indeed visited.

There is now a newly christened knight in the house, and a lone ranger cowboy.  Also, some amazing ceramic painting done by elves, and a bit of Monty Python humor because this was the month I introduced Bear to The Holy Grail.  It's the kind of milestone that I will record in his baby book.

As it were, this year in our Christmas crackers we found: crowns, jokes, and mustaches.   Christmas dinner with adhesive mustaches now comes highly recommended by my household.  That's kinda how Christmas ended for us: with humor, with our advent candles burning down low, with much to be grateful for, with a few pies to eat, and with a little more facial hair.

Enjoy the merriest of holidays
and the best of regular days too,


elizabeth said...

what a lot of joy is here! love the picture of your son with the Nativity scene; very dear; piety in children is very real. Christ is born! Glorify Him!

(those mustaches are super cute too and the craft!)

T.J. said...

The Merriest of Christmas wishes to you, Elizabeth!

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