December 15, 2014

My version of "The Nutcracker"

Magical!  Oh this past Saturday was magical!  It was the boys very first viewing of "The Nutcracker" and man oh man did it live up to my extremely high expectations of it delighting my children.

I've been angling to get Bear and Ace to "The Nutcracker" for some years now.  I wanted them to feel it's magic (how many times can I mention that descriptor in this post?!), and clamor for it each year thereafter.  Judging by their enamored reaction, I'm certain this will become a long standing holiday tradition.

As the curtain rose, Champ pointed out to me that we were about to sit still-as a family-FOR ALMOST 2 HOURS!- during the Christmas season.  Why yes!  "The Nutcracker" is an elixir at face value, but it was also hypnotic due to it's unexpected offering this weekend: a chance to sink happily into a holiday dreamland.  No cares, no schedules, no place to be for a full evening.  This year especially, it was such a welcomed reprieve.  Lots going on here these days, even as we daily reset to keep focused on our faith and the great birthday celebration only days away.  Prioritizing can only get one so far though, I know what to focus on, but it does not mean my heart won't race toward all the things I'm not doing or have yet to do.

I tell you gang, this is the tip that hit me full on this weekend: continue to sort through what's important to you during this holiday season.  Stick to it, but don't be surprised if MAGIC penetrates through your plans when you least expect it.  There is always room for more magic, don't you think?  And what better time for it to appear with all it's snow tinted glitter, and downy fluff feathers, and hot cocoa smiles, and red cinnamon flames than during Christmas?


elizabeth said...

what a wonderful time you've had as a family! I am so glad! May God bless and steady you with His peace during this time.

smalltownme said...

Oh I agree, always room for magic!

Liz Mays said...

As I was reading this, I started to think back on how I felt when watching that over the years. It truly is magical!!!!

Katie said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and for the nice compliment!! So sweet of you. Yes I was in PA and now Houston. I absolutely love east coast style homes. TX not so much, although if you have enough money you can have a east coast style home. I have had to make my brick house work. Please keep in touch, I will have to read about you and your family (:

Linda said...

Thank you so much for sharing the magic with this lovely post and beautiful photos!

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