December 31, 2014

Photography tips in a bottle

Happy all...most New Year!  May you be ringing it in with loved ones, lots of upcoming blessings, and perhaps a few fireworks.  Around here we are chillin' in our pajamas, eating all manner of scrumptious foods.  Champ and I are finishing up the odd and end jobs that have been on our list for a while; not so much because we've reached a yearly deadline, but because there has been time GORGEOUS TIME yesterday, today, even tomorrow and so we tinker away.  I'm beginning to dig this style of New Year celebrating more and more...

I've been spending most of these bonus time hours camped out at my desk- my desk which I hauled out from my craft room in to the center of family activity.  From the perch I created, I've been able to hack away at my photo obligations on the computer while bossing everyone else around to complete their jobs; it's a very productive method (I promise that I don't really boss as much as suggest).  

Peering over top of my computer, I could see what you see pictured above: Champ following my suggestion to haul our record player in from our screened in (now freezing) porch.  He then took it a step further and created a hanging area for the boys' many costumes.  I love it!  How come I didn't think to suggest it?

Earlier in the week we found ourselves at Albany's Children's Museum of Science and Technology.  This is important to mention because I used one of my Christmas presents there.  See Ace all fixed?  And then see him in motion?  Yeah, I learned that.  If you were in the museum at the beginning of the week, I probably have a picture of you static, and then in motion too (don't be worried).  One of my Christmas presents from Champ was Understanding Shutter Speed by Bryan Peterson.  Peterson is a master of photography and since I'd already devoured another title of his, "Understanding Exposure", and grew as a photographer from it, I knew I wanted to keep on reading.  Most any photographer I've ever talked shop with mentions Bryan Peterson- now I know why! 
In other photography news, I Heart Faces suggests some inspired ways to capture holiday lighting.  I startled myself when photographing that amber bottle because I thought I was going to tell you about the elderberry syrup I was making.  Instead I noticed the lighting and readjusted the bottle.  Ok, so it isn't necessarily a frameable photo, but it sure looks like it's bubbling.  Progress people.  As for this season's elderberry syrup and cough syrup concocting...
herbs in a pot.  That's what I've got to show for it as I quickly veered from documenting the process to photographing the Christmas tree.  Ahhh these distracted days when time isn't such an issue!  I'm savoring every one.

(let me at least mention the two online resources I use when making my herbal syrups: Dandelioness Herbals and Gwen's Nest.  Both sites are great resources.)

Whatever you are doing tonight, enjoy it to it's fullest!  

Let's meet up here in 2015,


Linda said...

I really enjoyed your lovely photos. Happy New Year to you, and thank you so much for your kind comments on my blog posts, I really appreciate it. :)

Katie said...

I look forward to getting more tips about photography. I really love it but in the last year or so lost interest for some reason. I think what it is that it seems that people are just really good at photoshop and it's not really about photography and composition. I love taking great pictures that need very little editing it's very rewarding. Thanks for you sweet comments

elizabeth said...

:) glad for all this goodness! blessed 2015!

smalltownme said...

I love the costume rack.

T.J. said...

seriously that costume rack is where it's at! Do you think it will transfer over into hanging up clothes in their bedroom? Fingers crossed!

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