January 13, 2015

Because Bear had JISP, here's a photography tip...

listen, my current computer set-up looks like that there.  A decent enough computer that is trying to roll over but really shouldn't, so I keep it chugging along with tweezers and a gifted jar of sugar scrub. My battery charger never really worked from the start and now it practically revolts some days with pieces falling out or in to the computer.  Tweezers come in handy for such a malady, but the alarming amount of time it takes!  I practice patience over and over and over again with this computer: just ask that scrub up there, carefully placed to ensure the cord holds steady while eternally charging up the computer.  This is not to be taken as a complaint.  My computer, like many other things I own, just needs a little more care and attention to get going.  I only tell you this so you can understand posts like tonight- ones that cut and run to an entirely different topic because suddenly time's run out to post what was initially intended.  Oh readers, I'm not feeding you fluff!  I would still have posted this!  Just.not.tonight.

Bear did have JISP today which is a really cool thing they do here in most of New England.  It means that one day per week during snow season, students have half days of school and then spend the remainder of the day honing their skills on ski slopes, crosscountry trails, or ice rinks.  Mostly volunteer led and supported by the local ski resorts, it's an amazing opportunity for kids... Bear is one of them. As we get more accustomed to our new Tuesday afternoon routine, I'm sure I'll be posting an update or two from the slopes.

Now for the photography tip! I read about it in the same I Heart Faces article as that last tip of mine came from.  Really, it's more a pass it down the alley kind of thing than a tip straight from me to you.  Anway, it's cool.  Take a picture of lights with your DSLR camera in focus...

 Mundane.  Now, flip that little switch on the lens you're using from "AF" (auto focus), to "MF" (manual focus) and take the picture again...

Waaaay more awesome.  Since this technique is mostly just letting your camera go out of focus before taking a picture, apply that to whatever type of camera you own and go to town hunting down lights.

Such a random little tidbit, but one with serious quick impact, right?!


smalltownme said...

I took a picture of my tree like that. That's what it looks like with my glasses off.

T.J. said...

yes! I was thinking that a good place to try this would be on the highway because- same thing- when I have my glasses off, those oncoming lights are blurry and artsy. Assume I speak from the passenger seat viewing platform ;)

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