January 21, 2015

Boy Bakery

Scrambled eggs are a fine way to introduce a newbie to cooking- a real step-up from boiling water (the classic adult version of introduction).  Simple ingredients, but attention is needed to get those eggs just so.  Bear's been there, done that.  I've since moved him on to larger kitchen tasks because well, if I'm being honest with you, that boy is not allowed to leave the nest until he has proved his worth as a cook.  No child of mine will flounder around each meal with rice-a-roni or pizza take-out; here we start cooking lessons early.

 Notice those flour tracks?  That's a sign of another little cook who's been in my kitchen recently.  This particular short chef is still in the early phases of cookery: that's code for HE'S MESSY.

In an attempt to make chocolate chip cookies together, Ace was put in charge of dumping the ingredients I gave him into the mixer. That involved a learning curve but he did try to return the flour into the mixing bowl, hence all the little finger trails.  Turning the mixer on was an experience in and of itself.  You can predict what happened (I expected it to happen even after coaching him because I have a newbie cook on my hands who is also an independent thinker): more flour and baking powder tenaciously scooped from the counter, added back in to the mixing bowl.

 His focus was laser, his attention full on.  We pushed through the minor stumbling blocks and eventually arrived at a finished product which was completely edible- Ace can attest to that.  The pride on his face when serving those cookies to his family?  That made it so worth the flour covering every.single.surface. of my kitchen.  Also my hair, his jeans, the dogs...

A while later, Bear sauntered into the kitchen looking for a way to flaunt his mad kitchen skillz.  I was still rinsing King Arthur All Purpose flour off of Trot, so I set him up with a task I had chosen to abandon, "Pipe words onto this cake." I said, proceeding to carve the phrase out with a toothpick and outline the beginning of each word for him.  The I went back to scrubbing cookie batter off of Trot's back.

Hmmm, think I figured out the lesson from my kitchen today, even if it might be a weeeeeee bit longer until Ace is also at this stage.

Here's to flour turning into hardened glue with the addition of water- it forced me to pass a cake project on to my eldest.  I had no hope left for it, and yet he turned it into something all his own.

Gang, hope and patience are our words for the week, ok?


smalltownme said...


T.J. said...

I suppose success with anything involves a little bit of a learning process... ;)

Leslie said...

oh boy!!! Delilah wants always to be in the kitchen cooking with me, no matter what it is. I sometimes have to dig deep for that momma patience when i am in a hurry or just want it done. I am so impressed with Bears cake decorating talent. your boys are going to be the best cookers and bakers when you are done with them i am sure. how are you guys doing? i know it has been ages since i have met you here. I love reading all your posts! you sound busy but wonderously happy

elizabeth said...

that's great!!! totally worth teaching them! :)))) and fun memories!

T.J. said...

busy but wonderously happy is a pretty spot on descriptor for me these days AND SO it is totally worth teaching them because it makes me happy, and because it will eventually save me time in the kitchen, right? ;)

Emmy said...

Good mama! So fun that you let them get in there and cook so much and I adore the pictures! He did a great job piping the words on, it is not easy to squeeze those bags right. Happy belated birthday Nick!

Katie said...

Drew is sitting here with me looking at your blog saying "Boy those kids are lucky they get all those treats all the time"

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