January 30, 2015

Game face, snow face

The thing I like about Vermont snowfall is this: it happens often but everyone mostly regards it with a lazy grin. 

Today it snowed (and again tonight if we are keeping a record here).  I went for a walk and by the time I got back it had snowed 2 inches and when the afternoon arrived it had snowed 5, but Bear remained in school.  Our neighbor got a dishwasher delivered, I went to the post office: we had our Friday.  During my walk I passed birches where I listened to snow falling on speckled bark, realizing that some folks never get to hear that sound.  Astounding or not, I'm glad I'm one who hears it on a Friday like this.  

Miss Juno J Blizzard has passed.  She sliced and diced many a poor east coast town where for the most part, the warnings were vital.  I'm not sure how I feel about the complainers, but I have this to report:

Vermont got mild warnings of winter weather.  It was not to be too much, at least where I live, and the reports proved true to their mark.  What was uncharacteristic was that bit of calamity floating in the air.  I smelled it through the media and allowed my bloodhound attention to fixate on any tv or radio within range.  I know I was not the only Vermonter to do so since the hype of a blizzard nearby was a strong force to contend with.  

Granted, I had to get from point A to point B before it began, but today on my walk I grinned so wide at myself that I felt ice flakes on my teeth.  Here it was- snowing and snowing with no one but Vermont residents to notice.  No intense coverage of the east coast, or potential for panic should the storm divert!  Change path!  Just about the same amount of snowfall that we had on Tuesday, but the woods were calmer as their secret was safe within.  
meandering past her grave, George's too

Should I close with a disclaimer here for all of you affected by the blizzard? Am I against Mark Breen and his Vermont weather reports?  Let's still be friends.  Meteorology is a saving grace for this modern age, it's just that I recently learned so too is moderation, and a lazy, snow-dappled grin.

Enjoy your winter weekend and by all means, do be safe!

*edited to add: I'm linking this post with The Lazy Pit Bull.  They are doing some cool stuff over there!* 


Linda said...

Your photos are magical.

Linda said...

Your photos are magical.

elizabeth said...

so wonderful; so glad you get to walk in snow and woods.

T.J. said...

it felt so very good to walk them on Friday! Even had a bit of sunshine to warm us up.

M. K. Clinton said...

What beautiful pictures. You do winter right!

T.J. said...

Thank you for your rockin' comment, Melissa :) And yup, Vermont is pretty good at making spectacular winters. Looks like the Bayou is good at it's own kind of beauty, too!

Emma said...

Love the winter photos. We love all the snow we can get. Winter is our favorite season.

T.J. said...

And it's snowing again today, Emma- over 1 ft so far and it's only the afternoon. Good thing we like winter around here too ;)

Kelsie McKenzie said...

These photos are amazing.

thek9harperlee said...

Beautiful photos, and an even more beautiful love for Mother Nature's winter-time gift to Vermont. :-)

Kim Thomas said...

Beautiful photos - I could almost feel, smell, hear the secrets....what a treasure you have there!

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