January 12, 2015

I "moust....ask" you

How do you make "mustache" sound like "must ask"?  I don't really know...  

Happy Monday to all of you!  What I must ask you is to bear with me while I take yet another day off from this space. Lots going on; even a bit to explain, but that's for later this week.  For now, wishing you a peaceful launch off into Monday.  Here.we.go.

Yesterday it was difficult to concentrate in church.  I could hear Ace whispering to Champ "and there's another man with mustache.  and another!  Look Papa, that man with red hat has mustache!". Before yesterday's Mass, I had never noticed how much facial hair attends church. 


elizabeth said...

:) cute pictures! it's Ok to take your time with your blog ! :)

T.J. said...

Happy Day to you Elizabeth! I'll be back in action soon and eager to see what's going on over on your blog :)

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