January 29, 2015

Yarn Along: Bear's Blizzard Hat and "The Poisonwood Bible"

My only photo from the snow storm earlier this week.  A picture of my knitting thrust up there on the dashboard as we gingerly made our way back to Vermont from Pennsylvania, eager to out run the "Blizzard Conditions!" at our back.  Made for a more interesting dental run than the previous ones have been, but all in all it was a fine drive with plenty of time to spare before the snow really started falling here on Tuesday.  

I'm linking up with Ginny today because this particular hat is one I want to keep a post on.  The knit is loosely based on the pattern found in this issue of "Taproot" and the yarn is composed of scraps which Bear picked out from my stash.  What I'm saying gang, is that this is not the type of knitting project people rave about, rather it's the type of handmade knit that purls it's way into my Mama memory.

He loved it so much that he wore it to bed!  To bed!  And to kindergarten the next day, and the day after that...   
Once, I knit a beautiful cashmere scarf for a friend- it had elegant seed stitching throughout.While I know she full appreciated and loved the gift, it wasn't the same kind of enamored response as Bear gave me for this hodge-podge of a hat.  A hat, mind you, all his own.

As for books- just finished The Poisonwood Bible" by Barbara Kingsolver and hands down it is and ever will be my most favorite written by her.  Which is something since had you asked me if I would enjoy it so before I began reading it, I would have said "A missionary family in the Congo?  Meh."   Soon enough I'll tell you more, as my book review posts are almost ready to be up and running as a regular gig.  Look!  I even have a few images created for it (not that I necessarily will rate my reads, but it was fun to grab mugs of all our faces).

Sending warm, homemade knit wishes to all of you who did not get out of the blizzard as easily as I did.    


elizabeth said...

oh that is a lovely hat!!! :)))) I totally get that this would be so special as he loved it so much!!!

Can you tell me about the scarf pattern? I am looking for a pretty one and seed stitch is something I can do! :)

I am glad you made it out of the storm! :)))

Vermont Grand View Farm said...

Always a pleasure meeting another Vermonter.

Jenny Hart Boren said...

Hi! Just visiting from Small Town Me where I noticed the words "Poisonwood Bible" in her blog feed…I've loved that one since the first time I read it (it's on my "do over" shelf). I adore Barbara Kingsolver but I, too, think it's one of her finest. It certainly makes all my problems look small!

Leslie said...

Love the dashboard picture. That hat is perfect!

T.J. said...

HI Elizabeth- I'm happy to tell you about the scarf. I'll send you an e-mail :)

T.J. said...

It's true Grand View, Vermonters are always welcome! The rest of you lovely folk, as well ;)

elizabeth said...

thanks! emails can be sent here: roosjeblog AT yahoo DOT CA :) have a wonderful day! :)

Amy said...

I love that book and Barbara kingsolver is my favorite author. Glad to be reading your blog again!

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