February 13, 2015

Moments with Books

Whooo-eeee, I'm excited to get this blog series up and running!  It will be fabulous to share some of my reads with you, and to hear input on books you've read, but you know what I'm also thrilled about?  To get all these saved files and photos off my computer!  This has been a long time coming, but even as I was prepping bits for the blog I was still reading (of course!).  And so more books are coming in, and more notes are being kept and....  see?  A bookish cycle; one that I'm glad to have you joining me on.

As for that rating scale, admittedly it's a bit of a gag.  For the most part I don't plan on rating every book, but if the opportunity presents itself I'll refer to it.  Champ's face?  Perfect!  I told him to "think about books" when I snapped it.*

VITALS: "Bossypants" by Tina Fey.  A memoir-ish book.
HOW WE MET: I always seek her out: SNL, "30 Rock", movies, commercials... you name it.
A MOMENT'S SUMMARY: true to form, this is a rib-achingly funny, poignant read.  The book's broken into topics spanning from her childhood, to her beginnings in improv, to motherhood and beyond.
HEAD AND HEART: her section on "Working Moms" vs "Teat Nazis" vs "Adoptive Moms" knocked on both for me.
KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR: Don Fey (her father)
FOR MY QUOTEBOARDS: "I've learned a lot over the past 10 years about what it means to be the boss of people.  In most cases, being a good boss means hiring talented people and then getting out of their way."

VITALS: "The Poisonwood Bible" by Barbra Kingsolver.  Told through 5 individual narratives all wound together on a timeline.
HOW WE MET: I've liked other books by Kingsolver, so I picked this up when I saw it at the library.  KABOOM.  Now it's my most favorite work by her.
A MOMENT'S SUMMARY: Nathan Price is an evangelical Baptist preacher on a mission in the 1959 Belgian Congo; a dicey time to be there as Congo begins it's fight for independence.  Price is hard-nosed and unflinching to his family's plight, told through the voices of his wife and four daughters.  These narratives bring attention to the daily hardships- and occasional joys- living in the jungle brings.
HEAD AND HEART: the writing is gritty and poetic, with each female voice ringing true to her soul.  No one writes prose quite like Kingsolver.
KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR: the reveal of how the novel got it's name.  Brilliant.  
FOR MY QUOTEBOARDS: "She wiped the tears off both sides of her face with the back of her left hand, leaving dark lines of soil against her cheekbones.  To live is to be marked, she said without speaking.  To live is to change, to die one hundred deaths.  I am a mother.  You aren't, he wasn't."


Isn't this fun? I could go on and on, but my time here has come to and end for today.  Be back with more books soon.

AS FOR YOU: Have you decided some of these books are worth the read, or not?  Got an insider scoop on one of these selections?Carry on the discussion in the comments- using the rating scale is optional ;)

* for the record, Champ kinda sorta likes *some* books and is even occasionally spotted at bedtime with one in his hands.


elizabeth said...

it's fun to read books! I am in the beginning of _Remains of the Day_ right now :)

Devon said...

I love that you're doing this.... I'll have to put these books on my list!

smalltownme said...

I've read both of them. Are you on Goodreads?

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