February 09, 2015

Moments with Mutts: snow toss

Because of my dogs, I'm committed to finding animal inspiration in the day to day moments.  What animals inspire you? Share your stories and links in the comments!   

A big serving of alligator with a Super Bowl side
this kind of dog love story gets me every time
Mary Oliver was in my radio yesterday!!!!!!!!!
wanna hear a "Jenny Cat" story? (don't forget to enter my giveaway!)


In recent years, Trot has decided that he is not as big a fan of winter as he once was.  The only way I can get him to change his mind on the matter is by throwing his beloved ball.  In the snow.  In icy temperatures.  For about ten minutes before he decides the whole gig is up.  So this week is dedicated to him, and the brief photo documentation that indeed proves he stepped foot in snow this winter.  Good boy.


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