February 10, 2015

Whooooo won the giveaway?

Sorry, it just so happens that a barred owl has been camped out in our backyard these past 2 days and I couldn't resist the pun. Ahem, the winner of "The Fire Cat" giveaway is...

Elizabeth! who commented: I can't remember where I read this book but it is lovely! :) I did not know it was part of a series.

Thanks you to all who entered, and to Random.org for picking the winner.  Elizabeth, let me know the address where you would like this fabulous book to be sent.
I've gotta tell you more about that owl because it is such a mighty thing in our lives right now.  Even here in the woods, owl sightings are a rare treat-owls regularly hunting (sleeping?!) in our yard even rarer!  This owl is beautiful! Along with large, and majestic, and meditative too.  In that, it causes us to just sit and look out our windows at it for decent spreads of time.  We had snow falling all day long yesterday and all day long it sat in the tree; blinking snow out of it's eyes occasionally, but for the most part seeming to thoroughly be enjoying each moment.


elizabeth said...

oh thanks TJ!!! I have emailed you :) That owl is super cute! that last picture of the owl is really beautiful!!! :)

T.J. said...

I've always really really admired owls, so I am over the moon that this barred owl has not only decided to visit, but lets me take a few fleeting pictures of it too!

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