March 21, 2015

Homemade pizza! Homemade soda! Crock-pot made sore muscle balm!

Photos lingering on my computer stress me out.  What if something were to happen before I could print out this sea captain/Harry Potter/Prince Phillip (of "Sleeping Beauty" fame) picture of Ace? The world would seem devastatingly mean if it eternally withheld this printable masterpiece from me.

Once I had a hard and fast rule to only let a month's worth of snapshots sit idle, then quick quick quick download, print and clear space for the next month's batch.  Haven't implemented that rule in a while; instead I've been dipping in to my three month version of photography organization.  Not as lovely, but it eases my anxiety of digital photos potentially wandering off forever more in to cyberspace.

Ah ha!  Take that December, January, February- caught and wrangled you in to 
hard data!

~Huckle and the snowblower are nearly inseparable, so when Champ needed to clear the deck on his own due to space constrains, Huck threw a pity fest at the door.
~ After years and years, the family agrees we have hammered down the perfect homemade pizza method.  Key concepts:  use this book (thanks L!), fridge or freeze dough before baking, use pizza stone, oven temp 500*, don't overload the toppings.
~ to go with the pizza- homemade soda!  That colorful mess of herbs and sugar eventually turned into that bubbly glass of "Not Coke".  Now there are bottles of concord grape, ginger ale, "Not Coke" and green tea coconut sodas vying for space in the fridge.  

~ and this mess?  Why this mess turned into a sore muscle balm for Champ.  He was bound to eventually get sore calves from running all those miles, right?  I combined recipes from here and here.  The final recipe ended up looking like:

1C dried arnica
3-4T cayenne powder (depending on how much heat you prefer)
2" peeled ginger root cut into hunks
1t frankincense powder
1/4 C coconut oil
1/4 C castor oil
4oz shea butter (I only had 2oz on hand at the time)
8-10 drops clove essential oil
8-10 drops tea tree essential oil
15-20 drops peppermint essential oil
15-20 drops eucalyptus essential oil
15-20 drops lavender essential oil
1 drop vitamin E oil

  • Everything but the essential oils got tossed into my crockpot.  I added in a little extra coconut oil and castor oil to cover the base once melted- total oil/butter amount adding up to a little under 3/4 cup.
  • kept the crock on low for 1 hour, then turned it to "keep warm" and went to bed (more info on the crock pot method here).
  • In the morning I strained out the oil, added in the essential oils and vitamin E, and packed it in jars.                                          
Champ has been using the balm ever since and his calves are singing it's praises.

Happy Spring!  Will you be photo wrangling?

Ps: in other news it snowed here yesterday, but is that news to any of us (at least on the east coast)?


elizabeth said...

how nice! it's fun to make food and things for the home! :)) snowed here too but warmer than where you are and it's pretty much all melted now! God bless you!!!

smalltownme said...

That pizza looks perfect.

Leslie said...

it always makes me smile when you share pictures of those cuties in full dress up! its magic! i love the picture plan. where do you print them? do you have a favorite?

T.J. said...

you know what my section of Vermont doesn't have, Leslie? A decent pizza place and a quick, easy way to print out pictures!!!! Honestly, I send them either to a Snapfish type company, or to a CVS or Walgreens if I know I'll be in a town with one.

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