March 30, 2015

Snow eggs

Egg Hunts are kind of a riot to begin with: add in a Vermont spring setting and some determined kids and it makes for an... occasion

All the adults shiver giggling while the children plow wildly around with runny chocolate mustaches, winter mittens scooping eggs from the crusty snow.  The "Pluck a Duck" game with arctic-like waters, the jelly beans frozen inside their guessing jar; most of the pens don't want to work anyway.

Champ has years of experience in egg coaching

More children than not were snuggling up to the wandering plush Easter Bunny for sheer need of warmth; it was a morning for many kids to get over their rabbit fears in favor of survival.  In fact it was classic all around, especially when the youngest of ones would plummet seemingly into the center of the earth, red boots kicking and handknit hat flying off, to emerge moments later with a plastic egg and a triumphant- albeit slightly bloody from all that ice- smile.  All holiday celebrations can be somewhat rough at times.  

Each town the US over has it's own version of an Easter Egg Hunt, every single one of them has memorable moments.  The terrible humidity, the fire truck roaring by, waiting to begin until someone gets that darn dog off the field...  you're smiling right now thinking of your own hunt experiences, aren't you?  This particular Vermont year was made for the heartiest of egg seekers; I'm glad my willing boys were able to make the cut. 

This morning more snow- even Huckle isn't sure what to think about it.  I gave him a few jelly beans and told him that it can't last forever.  The lake will thaw and the crocus pop up sooner than later; after all it's almost Easter.


elizabeth said...

winter can see long, can't it! have a blessed Holy Week and Easter!

Leslie said...

but doesn't that snow make for easier sighting of the eggs!!! i would love to hunt a few down in the snow. Not enough of that here in VA for my taste. i love the pictures!

nadine said...

Best. Egghunt. Ever. :) Best to Champ on the 8th!

T.J. said...

you got it- hunting is way easier with a white (COLD) background. It was total training for when the boys have a second go at it on our lawn on Easter. Think I'm gonna time 'em...

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