March 03, 2015

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Hello to you, and you, and you, and you, and you...!  Here's what went on over winter break:

Um, it snowed is still snowing.  I'm not sure how to show this but by posting photos and reminding you that I live in Vermont.  And it's wintertime.  However, to my Georgian and Virginian family members?  Sending much, much love (and perhaps an extra snow shovel?)!

We visited with folks both here and there.  I got to wear my friend's spectacular baby boy in a sling.  IN A SLING.  I wore that kid all around and his Mama was happy, and I was euphoric because I miss those kind of sling wearing days sometimes.  His Mama said I could come back any time to wear him again.  I will, maybe then I'll have Champ take a picture of what the delicious dear actually looks like rather than shouting "take a picture of the baby in the sling!  I'm wearing T and B's baby in a sling, for like, a long time!!"

At some point during our visiting rounds, I found myself face to face with the Main Street that slices through my hometown memories.  It was kinda nostalgic; especially with that unexpected glittery look to it.  It was snowing (gee wiz) there too, so maybe that's how Pennsylvania's snow photographs?  Perhaps.

The Barred Owl has decided to stick around, thus we couldn't help but name it Hedwig at this point.  A slight dilemma might be that Hedwig's favorite place to perch is directly above our bird/critter feeders, but I'm gonna let that go for now.  

Winter break is also the time that we get our next round of -as we like to call it- "cow".  So upon assessing the freezer to make room for the newest batch of beef, I used up the final goodies we had and made this stew using these foraged bay leaves.  Admittedly, I was kinda smug during dinner that night.

Looking into my blogging future for this month, this is what I see: Champ has a big 'ol birthday coming up.  No longer able to easily fit on unstable shelving, Champ turns 40 on April 8th!  Woo hoo!  To celebrate, he is running 40 miles on his birthday.  Just calm a bit down.  It is a little insane, but he's a runner, he did a similar gig when he turned 30, AND he plans on raising $4,000 dollars for a local non-profit.  So there's that.  We plan on being kinda busy with "that", in fact Bear has already begun to paint inspiring banners for him.  It looks to be an action packed next few weeks... especially for Champ's legs.

Love to you, and you, and you, and you...


elizabeth said...

wow! that's a lot of miles! looks like a lot of nice things here! it's always a bit nostalgic coming back home; or any place one lived for a good period of time and loved... have a good week and God bless! love back to you! :)

T.J. said...

I can almost feel those blessings coming my way this week- thanks Elizabeth :)

smalltownme said...

Good times! Love that flashback picture of Champ.

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