March 24, 2015

This is what my 50mm lens can do

Dear Benefactor,

Thank you for overseeing the process of getting my camera lens back in working order- I've missed it terribly.  To have it back in my hands, well I imagine this is a teeny bit similar to what Pip felt like (on the good days).

Benefactor, did you know that my husband is running and running and running these days to train for his 40 mile run on his 40th birthday?  The boys and I manned his support vehicle this weekend (while he ran 28 miles?  30?  Some ungodly amount.), so I don't have much to blog about, except look!!  Look at the lovely photos my 50mm f/1.8 lens took when I would pause from driving around handing out water bottles and gels, and begin to snap away.

You can hardly see it, but that's Bromley Mountain in the background.  He had passed Stratton Mountain too, but that was in the first hour and a half of his run when the boys and I were still lounging around at home. 

He chased down another mountain vista- Magic Mountain.  Phew, the car had to climb quite a hill in order for us to pass out some gel and take this picture.  Quite a hill.

Eventually he dropped back down into calmer elevations. 
Eventually we all went home.  
Eventually Champ began to feel like this...

(Sorry, this one is from my 85mm lens, but it's cute right?  So I had to add it in.)

but overall it had been a good run for him, and a great camera outing for me.

Thanks again, Benefactor!


elizabeth said...

that's quite the run! God bless and keep you all well!

smalltownme said...

What a day! You and your lens take great pictures.

T.J. said...

I was fine with being the photographer that day and NOT the runner ;)

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