March 17, 2015

Today the boys wore Irish bowler hats

Hmmmm...  I'm finding it kind of hard to get a picture posted here of Champ and how preparations for his 40 mile birthday run are going. Mostly that's because there was a rockin' school wide assembly last week and exuberant, joyous student faces are in all my photos from that event...  just imagine the energy!  Suffice it to say that things are moving excitedly along; thank you for all your supportive thoughts and well wishes!
exciting and joyous like Bear's ribbon from his Winter Olympics Day

Yesterday the boys and I began to prepare for St. Patrick's Day as soon as Bear was home from school.  You know I'm such a sucker for celebrations, right?  I find holiday most holiday celebrations grounding.  They causes me to stop all the other stuff for a while and zoom-focus on family, and tradition, and food, and in this case- faith.  It's relaxing even to just type that; thoughts of brisket and a St. Patrick prayer hovering in memory.

We created rainbow necklaces and drank green drinks because I'm sure that's what all Irish do.  I'm like 10% Irish, so I know that.  Dinner was prepped for tonight, with all it's traditional fixings.  Is that true?  Are those foods traditional?  I don't really know, but they've become tradition for March 17th in our family and that counts for something.  At this point in our family canon, Bear knows what to expect during certain seasons and it thrills my every fiber to have him engage wholeheartedly in our traditions.  I want him to think of these times after he's long grown up; remembering us as a family with all the silly, serious, methodical, spontaneous activities that keep our years anchored on the timeline 
of life.

Bear led the charge on building leprechaun traps; another part of our St. Patrick's Day playbook.  What I'll remember most about this year's construction is Champ and his boys sprawled out on the basement floor with duct tape and boxes galore.  Chitter-chatter surrounding what will be done if a leprechaun is caught.  Will he stay with us?  What will we feed him?  Champ-with all the practicality and logic that oozes from his personality-calmly answering each concern.  

The leprechauns have pranced around our house for 2 days thus far.  They seem to have sent out scouts to test the traps; then this morning, really upping their mischievous quotient, we awoke to glitter and green everywhere.  Footprints indiscriminately on the floors! beds! faces! clothes!  The boys were surprised to find their room rather messy, but pardoned it easily with the pots of gold left behind by the wee green folk.

Magic.  Magic and tradition.  That's what I like about these kinds of days.

"Christ as a light, illumine and guide me!  Christ as a shield, o'ershadow and cover me!  Christ be under me!  Christ be over me!  Amen."  (our abridged version of  "The Breastplate of St Patrick") 


elizabeth said...

awww, that is just lovely! happy St. Patrick's day! His prayer is so special, I like your abridged easy for kids to remember version :) so sweet about the pots of gold etc :)

T.J. said...

they dig the concept of Christ covering them like a shield, that's for sure!

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