April 16, 2015

Running over break

Champ's run went spectacularly!  Couldn't have asked for anything better.  Good weather, fundraising through the roof, people supporting for miles and miles and no long-term injuries.  Yahoo!

(all these run photos taken by our most outstanding friend, V)

Energy levels are high anytime you involve elementary children.  I can't show you their faces in this space, but you can imagine just by observing the joy erupting from the adults' faces!  It was legendary.  I'm so proud of you, Champ!

(I did not make the cake.  Isn't it the coolest?!)

I haven't cleaned up all of the celebratory birthday glitter and balloons just yet as we are still partying; my Boston run comes up in just a few more days!  It's spring break around these parts too, so the laid back celebratory vibe is easy to slip in to.

Gotta go stretch or eat pasta or something.  In the meantime, Happy Spring to all of you!



smalltownme said...

Happy Spring to you too!

Leslie said...

congratulations and happy birthday champ....i am sure all the celebrating and cake was well deserved!

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