April 05, 2015

The classic Easter story

The prepping is over, we got the painted eggs and the decorating covered.  Left over carrots from Rudolph's visit are sharing space with basket candy.  Te traditional chocolate bunny has arrived, gifted from afar.  Here's how that Easter story goes:

Let me tell you, this picture story had a surprisingly large amount of similarities compared to the true Easter Story I know by heart.  Happy anticipation, shock at Father, surrender, self sacrifice; it was all there.  And you know in finding God among our retro pink bunny, I was reminded that He is everywhere and that the path Jesus walked must have been really, really hard.  

This morning my pastor will tell a similar tale, sans chocolate.  Down here in the bunkers of parenthood though, I'm glad God chooses to remind me in His own way of the great sacrifice and glory of  Easter.  We find Him in all we do, everywhere- that was my Easter lesson this year.

Happy Happy Easter and Passover and Spring celebrations and just sheer SPRING!!!!!!! to all of you.



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