May 05, 2015

Cinco de Mayo bean salad

Right?  Now if I were a bean salad, I'd totally want to get introduced like that.  I make this recipe on Cinco De Mayo because the final presentation is so darn festive but...  I also like to make this recipe on a weekend in January, a Wednesday in the middle of July, oh and on the second of every month.  It's flexible and have I mentioned adorable?
I'll get to why some jars aren't filled all the way, don't worry
I found this recipe in Get Togethers With Gooseberry Patch.  Let me be the first to tell you that there are a bunch more worthy recipes in that there cookbook!  In the cookbook, the recipe is called Southwestern Layered Salad; anymore, I tend to add-lib to that recipe, so I felt I could take liberties by bestowing it with a special name for today.


Alright, so to begin here's the original recipe.  That picture is way cuter than any I have taken, so go ahead and admire it for a moment.  Now grin, because you can easily make your own version of that!  The first step is to gather up some containers for the individual salads.  Mason jars work the best because you can clearly see all the layers of the salad: you need 1 jar/person.

These were the empties at my house.  Are they not the oddest collection of labels you have ever seen?

Clean your jars and think about what you want to put in them.  I didn't use the gooseberry patch recipe verbatim.  On hand I had: spinach, some cherry tomatoes, a tiny bit of corn, and a bunch of beans.  I had made the beans ahead of time in the crock pot; I thought I had a post about how I do it, but I can't find it.  Only found this version, so expect a crock pot bean post in your future.  Divide out your supplies and fill each jar.  Top them off with the yummy cream cheese mixture that Gooseberry explains (I tend to use sofrito sauce instead of the can of tomatoes with green chilies).  Screw on the lids and place jars in the fridge.  I've found these salads can last up to 2 days, so it is a great "make-ahead" meal.

Can you guess which one is Champ's?
Hint: he likes the least amount of vegetables.
Can you guess which one is Ace's? 
Hint: he loves cream cheese.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!
(*** my sister-in-law A introduced me to sofrito sauce and it has been a love story ever since.  Thanks again, A!)


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