May 04, 2015

Luke Skywalker and Yoda love today's date

This guy celebrated May 4th, 2015 aka "May the force be with you" day  aka "Star Wars Day" every blessed moment of this Monday.  I'm not that devout about it, but I respect his vigor.  He loves his Star Wars, as do millions of others, which makes me kind of anticipatory about how serious a holiday the world would like May the 4th to become??

Oh, wouldn't he squeal over an officially deemed Star Wars holiday.

Ahem... speaking of holidays, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo.  If you are feeling festive come back tomorrow to score a recipe for a seriously cute Cinco de Mayo bean salad.  The recipe caters to individual tastes and the presentation is out of this world.  Like from Naboo or something.

Yup.  May the force be with you.


smalltownme said...

May the Fourth, Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day. It's a busy week!

Your boy might like this food:

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