June 12, 2015

Kindergarten 2015

He started out his final day as a kindergartner with his requested breakfast: pancakes with Nutella, strawberries and fresh whipped cream.  His prank mustache glued on, he boarded the bus with even more confidence than he had back in September.

It was Trot's turn to join us for the car ride today

Later, we joined him at school: his father, some grandparents, his brother and me.  My mind battled between thinking this was the hugest of deals, and recognizing that this is only the end of kindergarten with a long way to go until college.  Regardless, I wanted to document it all.  Even the celebratory pizza lunch.

On into this evening we celebrated, wearing crowns and opening commemorative presents.  I squeezed my Mom's birthday in there too.

Document.  Document. Document.  But so far it hasn't been enough proof for me to truly grasp that my little boy isn't quite so little, nor kindergarteny any more.  Bittersweet and tender, joy laced with something darker, A heart grasping to understand this new development in motherbood: this is where I leave it at tonight.


elizabeth said...

it's so fleeting, childhood... God bless you and your little graduate! Enjoy every season!

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