July 23, 2015

July {Star Wars Birthday}

...as in July 2014.  I'm going to be working backwards here, gang. Today's post is about Bear's birthday last year, the follow up post will be about Bear's party this year.

So Star Wars Party!!!  For a 6 year old! And only 6 year olds enjoyed it, see...

The setting for this one was in Pennsylvania at my in-laws house.   Bear wanted a Star Wars celebration of a sort, but we were hardly to be home and able to pull it off near or around his birthday. That's when my mother-in-law, B, came in clutch!  She kindly hosted the party while we were in town visiting.  Not only was the timing to be perfect, but she willingly took the reins for planning the whole gig.  I hardly had to raise a finger- just a quick e-mail here, a Pinterest link there and voila- we show up at my in-laws house where a Star Wars party was set to launch in 3,2,1...

In a matter of moments the yard went from looking like that up there- a group ready for a good time- to this:

A group having an increasingly festive, good time!

I didn't manage to take many pictures, but let me tell you how creative the food was!  B had labelled them all with a Star Wars theme and the cake consisted of cupcakes patterned to look like 2 lightsabers in battle.

Champ, being the awesome phys. ed teacher he is, set up a Jedi training course.  Children and adults participated in lightsaber battles and obstacle course training, then a snazzy certificate of completion was handed out to everyone.

It should be noted that Bear's Taun-taun sleeping bag made a showing at the party.  He had been gifted it a few days earlier by my Star Wars fanatic brother and my sister-in-law (who lovingly supports my brother's obsession most of the time (you are soo good, S!).  The thing is actually super cool, crazy gigantic and Bear sleeps in it every.single.night.  Thank goodness summer in Vermont is relatively cool!

Happy, Happy 6th Birthday, Bear!

Party Details
- I originally had looked at all these creative Star Wars party invites, but then I            didn't need to use them.  'Cuz remember?  My awesome mother-in-law B was          doing all the leg work for me.
- I did some of my original field research herehere and here.  Oh come on, why        not call it what it is?  ;)
- link to the Jedi Training Certificate I created.
- link to the Star Wars birthday thank you I created.  Yoda image from here.

It's a year later, but you deserve another thank you or two B&T!!! 


smalltownme said...

So much fun!

curtis03 Lewis said...

The colors look great and the kiddos really enjoyed this star wars birthday party. Those cupcakes really look yummy. Well, my son has also demanded star wars birthday party at one of his favorite outdoor event space San Francisco. So I am making plans for his party.

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thank you for posting the links to the thank you cards and jedi certificates. I have a party this afternoon and you just saved me so much time! thank you thank you! I appreciate being able to benefit from your hard work.

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