July 27, 2015

This time of year

See those tadpoles?  They are about to hunker down for the night. Me too.  How about you?  

This weekend we were out of town, which practically guaranteed that today was going to be busy and a little off center.  And it was, but it's summer!  And I'm not working!  And we returned with lots of home garden vegetables, so who am I to complain if I felt a little sluggish all day?

Monday is about to tuck in and I have a few more bits and pieces of produce in my pantry and freezer to show for today's efforts.  I'll drop heavily into bed (probably still smelling of cucumbers and tomatoes), but tomorrow first thing I'm gonna peek in that freezer to see how things are doing, and then I'm going to label all my blueberry jams.  It's the simple things in life, right gang? 

Huckle spends his summer days by the water, Bear is dutifully studying to become a magician.  As for me, I live to be up to my neck in all sorts of produce bounty this time of year.  Smelling to high heaven of mint and green beans and zucchini.

Good night!

PS: I'm tired.


elizabeth said...

God bless you! sending prayers for strength and peace in these summer days...

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