July 09, 2015

Trying to slow summer

Moving at a slower computer pace this summer feels quite good!  Granted, my hand is forced a little as my computer has "operational quirks" shall we say, and since in summer it's much more tempting to take a kayak paddle rather than jot a blog post.  Or to arrange a gathering of friends, or go on a hike, or eat a popsicle... practically all manner of things tempt me away from the computer these days- especially the sunshine!!!   So you see I've tried to transfer that slower gait on over to other areas of my summer life.  While it is difficult to maintain, when day to day life is calmer it is- I repeat- quite good!!!  

Still, it's nice to check in back here now and again, so here I am. We've been travelling, and sleeping in and playing hard.  Bear had a birthday yesterday and you can bet that is waiting in the wings to be reported on here.  For now though I leave you with 2  snapshots from when I pulled the old "is there something on my camera?" trick on Bear yesterday.

Happy slow summer to all of you!


elizabeth said...

Slow summer is good and to be savoured! many years to your young son!

T.J. said...

you bet, Elizabeth! Summer is best when savoured :)

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